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The YOMP GOD Welcomes You... Let your mind take you on journey through the DeFi universe where worshippers of the Yomp God lay claim to what is rightfully there's through offerings of Yomp tokens.

Making it in DeFi is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication and true commitment to appease the Yomp God.

What is YOMP Token

YOMP is a BEP-20 token that rewards holders through automatically increasing it's value by continuously deflating it's total supply each 15 minute epoch across a 10 year lifespan.

The total token supply is vaporized across all wallets at an equal state which is referred to as "offerings".

These offerings are hard coded into the Yomp smart contract where it is automatically set, that any and all wallets containing YOMP autonomously offer up their tokens to appease the Yomp God at the same offered percentage rate along a predefined 10 year schedule.

What are the Benefits to Offerings?

The primary objective of these offerings is to reduce the total supply of YOMP over 10 years, thereby leading to increased value of each YOMP token on each and every day leading up to the end point.

Price appreciation is achieved through automatic offerings of YOMP tokens from every wallet holding YOMP including the YOMP/BNB Liquidity Pool upon each 15 minute epoch.

Less and less tokens will exist over time guaranteeing a higher price to be set by the AMM (Automatic Market Maker) as each epoch goes by.

How do Offerings work?

Offerings are automatic via a predefined schedule using advanced reverse-rebasing mechanics.

Below is the deflationary schedule:

Year 1: Offerings of the Genesis

1.00% per day for the first 7 days (7.00% Deflation)

0.50% per day for day 8 - 30 (11.00% Deflation)

0.25% per day for day 31 - 90 (14.75% Deflation)

0.10% per day for day 91 - 180 (8.90% Deflation)

0.05% per day for day 181 - 364 (9.15% Deflation)

50.80% Total Price Appreciation

Year 2 - 5: Offerings of the Next Era

0.02% per day for 365 days (7.30% Deflation per year)

80.00% Total Price Appreciation

Year 6 - 10: Offerings to please the Yomp God

0.01% per day for 365 days (3.65% Deflation per year)

98.25% Total Price Appreciation

Total Supply

Day 1: 1,000,000 Day 3650: 17,500 (only 1.75% of the total supply remains at the end of the 10 year lifespan)

Here some helpful information for you to start your journey now quickly and easily.

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